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About SilentKillaz

SilentKillaz was succesfully created by 5 members of the clan : " NeoCool, Badboy20689, JungleJimmy, NYzFynest" , and also me the GM of SilentKillaz " XxcontactoxX".

It was created on september 20, 2005 and since then more and more players haved join the newest clan of assasins.

We hope for the clan to grow bigger and become the first clan ever to Rule Gunz Online!!!

SilentKillaz Site Updates

What's New? The website is!! We do not have enough pics yet but we're doing what we can. We would like the clan members to help us by sending me their special pics via msn. Check out Contact page for further information. If you're going to send me the pics by messenger its allright but if ur going to send me the pics via e-mail plz write (member name)- SilentKillaz on the subject.                                                      THANK YOU.

10/14/05 Guys We're gonna b moving to another website which has the same home page as this ...the link is below thank u for ur support...c ya :D                                                                                                     Unluckly, there's no tournaments or competition in Gunz Online but, theres Clan Channels where we can have Clan Wars, 1vs1 - 8vs8. So if any of the members of SilentKillaz is inform about a Clan War, be pleased to notify the GM. SilentKillaz will never refuse a challenge.



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SilentKillaz Website Visitors!

Hello Visitors! Gm here...If you guys have any suggestion about the website like any new heading or topic, even more pics. Anything that would make the website look better please to notify me at (check out contact page) Your suggestions would not be turned down unless of lack of creativity.

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